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This time I will be doing requests for 15 first people who comment on this journal. But those who've already get a request from me I will not get another one. I'm trying to be fair. I hope you understand. :) Again the maximum is 2 characters for a picture.
Request are now closed.

1. :iconfusion-bioformer: Francis OC and Oliver/Carine :star: DONE! :star:

2. :iconlilitlogan: Ulumi :star: DONE! :star:

3. :icontriskata: Lizel OC :star: DONE! :star:

4. :iconchornayadrakoshig: Anette OC :star: DONE! :star:

5. :icongabeddrwatcher: Runo and Rory :star: DONE! :star:

6. :iconblueopensky: Yumicat, 2 designs :star: DONE! :star:

7. :iconfrancisjeremyxavyer: Jeremy and Aelita :star: DONE! :star:

8. :iconsilverandblaze4evr: Pregnant Aelita/Yumi with Jeremy/Ulrich :star: DONE! :star:

9. :iconmadfoxyamour: Ulrich and Odd :star: DONE! :star:

10. :iconpink-jet: Yumi and Ulrich :star: DONE! :star:

Whew, all the requests are now done! w00t!
I was thinking i'll do a request for 10 first people who comment on this journal. I'm feeling kind of uninspired at the moment but i'd still wan't to draw something. :XD: Maximum is 2 characters for a pic.

And i was tagged by: :iconfrancisjeremyxavyer:


1. Have you heard of Code Lyoko?

Maybe i have... :XD:

2. What's your fave video game (series)?

I don't play any video games.

3. Do you think that anime is a detriment to our lives? (Since my dad preaches it)

Haha, no.

4. Do you have a lot of friends?

Nope, but enough. :)

5. Are you in a special relationship with any of those friends?


6. What's your favorite Disney movie?

Lion king and emperor's new groove.

7. Have you seen any movie by Hayao Miyazaki?

Yes, i've seen "Spirited away" and "My neighbor Totoro."

8. How did you hear about deviantART?

I can't remember.

9. Do you think I'm wasting my time here or that I'm not talented enough for dA?

Definitely not! Don't ever think that way young man! :XD:

10. Is this tag a bit invasive or weird?

Not at all.

It's :iconcodelyokofan92: here!

Weird isn't it. :XD: It's been 4 years since i was on deviantart, and now I'm back. I've been missing deviantart and talking with you guys.

I started this new account basically, because i need a fresh start, and because i hate my previous accout name. lol.

I don't know how active i'm going to be in here. I' not that much of a code lyoko fan like i was before although i still like it. But i will post some old sketches and pics at the start and maybe later on I post something new as well. (Depends pretty much how much i like the new season.)

Well, that's pretty much all i had to say. I missed you! :)